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Hey Mike old buddy!

How's the 560 holding up? My baby's still tempermental with the fluctuating temps but I think its the radiator and will be replacing the Nissens I got last year with a new Behr I picked up at a steal. Good to hear from ya... Oh, I don't know if you know of any interested parties (or yourself) but I just got an extra set of NEW euro headlights coming in through customs in two weeks and will be putting those suckers on Ebay unless someone wants them here for their 126.

Since you're the ultimate "560 man", what do you think about putting bendix pads up front (was gonna go with jared but I was given the bendix and figure what the heck, they make some pretty good calipers sooo.)?? Just wanted your opinion. Also, I was gonna do the timing chain and the question I have is this: It was done at a bit over 150k and it now has 221k on her. Although it was done at 150k THAT was in 1995! Waddaya think?
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