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Here is what he has to say about the car

Thanks Mike,
I have a little information, not much.

Apparently there are two cylinders that tested as low pressure, 60 lbs vs the 100 he said they should have.

The car had a valve adjustment, ran rough immediately, began blowing blue smoke obviously right after I had the catalytic converter and center muffler cut off at the mechanic's directive, as he felt the catalytic converter may have been bad and putting too much back pressure on the engine. (his words), and the center muffler had a hole in it. After the converter was cut off the car immediately was blowing a good bit of smoke all the time. Ran through a lot of oil in three days. The mechanic tested it and said it was the head,(leaking oil too) and the valves. The catalytic converter was broken inside, and oily. The car has always had very poor acceleration, since I bought it last December. It did not run rough though until the valve adjustment was done.

Since I purchased the car "in top shape, no mechanical nor body faults", I have been replacing all kinds of parts. Shocks, stabilizer links, entire airconditioning/heating system (only blower motor and heater core are original now), both windshields (leaking badly), most rubber parts need to be replaced, transmission would not shift properly, engine wiring bad, seat adjusters were broken, entire rear seat assembly had no foam anymore so I replaced the foam in both rear seat parts, radio bad, speakers bad (replaced radio -new sony I had in old car, and two rear speakers but almost no sound comes out of back speakers, passenger door latch shattered from the accident that damaged the door probably, door catches to keep them open are not working, locking mechanisms do not work, cruise control broken --nearly killed me on highway when it would not turn off (needs some computer part) , fuel accumulator and distributor are bad, steering is loose, starter is bad, alternator is wrong alternator. I know the front shocks, all door rubber gaskets(have fronts purchased), front suspension rubber parts, all need to be replaced soon too. It is basically a pretty good body, liveable interior in front, functioning transmission (though it sure winds up high rpm--3800 on highway) and working brakes and rearend.

It is not fun to drive, very slow, very rough ride, loud at highway speed even when exhaust was ok). Not what I thought the top of the line Mercedes of its era would be like at all. No quiet luxury to this car at all. It is heavy and clearly a tank in construction though. Not likely to fail structurally. :^)
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