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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Well, it turns out the rear of the master cylinder was indeed empty! BenzGirl got it on the first shot. It was hard to see because my MC is a big foggy, but when I shined the flashlight on it I could see it was empty. So I filled it up, but the pressure bleeder back on (I also tightened the hose clasp on the power bleeder) and everything worked! Aside from hitting my face on the underside of the car, it went smoothly from there. Thanks guys!

I'm still having a couple issues, though ... one being a chuff chuff chuff sound when the car is rolling slowly (goes away when the wheel is turned left) that I'm guess might be dust shield. The other is that the left front wheel gets hotter faster than the others and smells a bit burning. It doesn't really drag when I turn it by hand but it has me worried. That was the wheel that seized on me on the highway and almost caught fire, which is what prompted this brake job. I replaced the calipers, rotors, pads, hoses and wheel bearings, so i don't know what would still be wrong. Maybe I made the bearings too tight.
Did you remove/inspect the wheel bearings and re-pack them with fresh grease?

Extreme heat will cook the grease into TAR...
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