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With the larger wheels, lower height and added spacers, it's no suprise that you end up with negative camber. This may be hard to believe, but the changes you mention have obviously changed the rear suspension geometry, weight distribution across the rear end, etc. Put the factory wheels back on and have the wheel alignment checked (all four wheels at the same time). Get it set up to factory specs, repair anything that's out of alignment or bent. Try you new setup again If you still have negative camber, youmay have to tweak the rear suspension to accomodate the new geometry, ie spring assisted shocks. Remember, the center to center distance between your rear wheels has increase by at least 4 inches plus whatever offset the taller wheels may have. How does it handle with the new setup? BTW, do the tires make contact with the frame, wheel housing or fender either in the front or back when turning?? Look up inside the left rear wheel well and see if you can see any evidence that the tire is making contact with something. Hope this helps...
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