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New factory black Elring Head Gasket; retorque or no-retorque?

I have recently done a complete rebuild on the '74 230 115.941 motor.

I used the dealer head gasket set which contained an Elring head gasket that is the kind which is black with the red screen printed circles of stuff around the all coolant holes etc.

I have 900 miles on the motor now and I was going to re-torque the head.

In the factory service manual for the 114/115 series cars, it says in the head re-torque procedure 752 that engines 115, 615, 616 & 617 have been omitted since ONLY head gaskets that do not requre re-torquing are now available.

Now that seems a rather excessively general statement, so I thought I would post the question here with the visually observable features of the Elring gasket to ask the question.

Re-torque or NO Re-torque?
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