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420, I can probably let the set go for about $152.00 even (that is just my total minus what I paid for the wires-not even including tax) so just let me know if you're interested. Mike, the euros are DEPO headlights and are up to par with Bosch and Hella.I think or rather I'm sure that one of the moderators here (ASHMAN) has them on his MB and I've seen them on my neighbor's 124. I only trusted his advice because he is european and that's one of the top brands they use there on their vehicles. It has the vac adjustments and everything and are soooo cool looking I can't wait until mine get here from Europe.

Oh, Mike I finally installed the new Behr radiator last night and refilled her with a gallon of MB coolant/water mix...that sound about right?? So far the temps are right on the money (80-82 steady) and when I took her on the test drive she purred like a kitten again...I also plan on changing the plugs,cap and rotor this weekend although her throttle responded just fine last night.

I'm confident this is the end of the high temps for now but since it wasn't much traffic this morning, the real test will be this afternoon's rush hour in 90+ weather with the a/c on standing still. She'll be alright though. Anyway, thanks for the advice about the bendix because I didn't put them on last night until I was able to see the verdict about the pads.
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