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MB DOC (or anybody), I've also got an issue with my A/C..well actually its the blower motor. The fuse (#16) constantly blows and the bottom of the fuse holder has actually melted out and the only way it works is to have a little piece of the blown fuse stuck down in the cavity where the connection would be and then place the fuse on top of it to make a connection to the top pole on the fuse box. This works but it continues to melt as sometimes I can smell the burning in the cabin as I drive when I turn on the a/c.

I have an 86 560 SEL and noticed that after that year MB decided to have the fuse for the blower motor outside of the fusebox independently fused. Was it always an issue with this setup mine has? I have purchased some 12 gauge wire along with a 30 amp fuse line to possibly tie into the blower motor wire eliminating that fuse and running it direct. Is there another way I can do this and if I can just replace THAT part of the fusebox, how does one do this? Better yet, how would I even go about making an independent fuse (the one I purchased is a 30 amp blade type that I feel is more reliable than the ceramic fuses) and access the blower motor's wire going to the #16 fusebox space? So far I just have a crapload of 25 amp ceramic fuses to keep replacing them as they blow every now and then which sucks.

Thanks in advance.
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