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Originally Posted by Renntag View Post
Hello all. I have been working to get my power windows functioning again a few minutes here and there over the last month. Here is what happened along the way. I will update with more pictures over the next few days.

I purchased a 1986 300SDL in early June and had a few items to work out. This has been a little more involved than I had anticipated. The power windows were working perfectly when I started working on the first project.

First order was to get the climate fan to work w/o blowing the fuse. research lead me to installing an external 30 amp fuse. Opening the fuse box to expose the wiring, I found a melted, hacked mess. Unbolting the wires to #16, I decided to bolt them to an auto resetting 30amp breaker. All said and done, it worked.

While in "the mess", I tried to fix a few other wires.

and the fusebox from above.

W = Window relay.
red circle = #16 fuse Climate fan and #c,d power windows.
Green Arrows = phillips screws to open fuse box.

To be continued...

Generic answers:
Pull the Window Fuses and check the Tips of the Fuse and where the Fuse contacts. (See Pic of what stopped 2 of my Windows from working.) Get rid of any Fuses with a Plastic Body.
Make sure you are getting power to the Fuses.

Pull the Window switches and clean the Contacts (scraped mine with a small pocket knife) inside of the Switches; there is a few DIYs on that.

Pull off the Door Panel and inspect the Window Regulators (on my 123 the Window Regulator Mounting Plates were bent and warped causing the teeth to wear badly); if they are in bad shape your Windows will stop.

Thest the Window Motors themselves by connecting the 2 Window Motor Wires to your Battery to see if you can operate the Windows. Reversing the wires on your Battery reverses the way the Motor Turns. (Unlike your Starter Motor your the Ground is not part of the electrical circuit on the Window Motors.)

If the Switches are good and the Motors are working broken wires where the hinge in doors could be the problem.

I have yet to read of anyone having to replacing the Window Relay so unless you have an other one already to swap and see if that restores power I would look there last.
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