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Thanks guys! I actually think I've finally nipped the temp issue...I've replaced the radiator with the new Behr and refilled her with a gallon of MB coolant and remainder with water. Took her on the road last night and ran the hell out of her.80-82 steady. Had the defroster on hot/max and pulled her into the driveway and topped her off and took her back out. Again, 80-82 degree temp and burning hot heat blowing.

Took her around the block with the A/C on and temps steady.This morning brought her in to work with no problems and the REAL test will be in the stagnant traffic with 90+ outside temp which I think will be no problem for her but we'll see. I popped the hood when I got in this morning and all of the coolant is in the tank, and I could even open the cap without boilover which was awesome! I don't think I needed to replace the thermostat but I'm glad I did (and I kept the old one anyway so...). Seems like my baby's back to her old self again. I also put new Beru wires on her which has greatly improved the throttle response and eliminated the rough idle she's had lately. Again, thanks for the advice. Next project is to replace the front brake pads this weekend, and I'm waiting on my THREE sets of euro headlights to come through customs in 2 weeks to be installed! Whooooa!

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