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If the pressure tank overfills, either because the engine overheats or the system was just overfilled, the main seal of the pressure cap will open, allowing coolant to flow out of that hose in to the overflow tank, instead of on to the ground or road, which is bad enviromentally and for other roadway users. After the engine cools off, there will be a slight negative pressure, and there is another, smaller valve in the cap to allow coolant to be drawn back in to the pressure tank as needed.
The tank is usually accessed by the inner wheel well on the right, there is some plastic cladding in the wheelwell which is at least partially removed, then you can get to it.
The hose could have a restriction in it, the tank is pretty foolproof. If the overflow tank overfills, there is a small spout-like passage which will then allow the coolant on to the ground.
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