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rickjordan, I have a set of accumulators on order. They definitely need to be replaced no matter what else is wrong. The shocks aren't leaking, thank goodness. I hear those are pretty pricey.

A little update. I got under the car last night and disconnected the rod from the controller so I could see if the hydraulics work. By moving the arm on the controller up and down with the engine running I was able to get the back of the car to move up and down. The movement was very erratic though. Also when moving the arm, it moved very freely except for two "lump" of resistance in it's travel.

After I reconnected everything and drove around the rear was not as low any more and the car was level side to side (no driver's side sag).

I suspect the controller is not working right. Think I'll need to replace it when I have the accumulators done.

1988 300TE
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