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Texas 500e Fest

Hey guys, the East coast is doing it...
The West coast is doing it....
What say we on the "South Coast" have us a little 500E Roundup.
The following users:Walker4953(Central) , Randall Grubbs(North Central), Bryan Harter(Central) and myself aldedmon(Houston) are 500E owners in the Lone Star State and I for one would love to meet, have a few suds and talk about our experiences with these very unique cars. Of course 500E owners as well as "wanna be's" from Texas and other states are also welcome to come. Guys, hollar back if you're interested. Since these cars really don't like the heat, lets plan on doing it in early fall when the temps begin to fall..... Say late Sept/Early Oct.-ish.
Yeah lets do it!

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