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Brian, thanks for the input. Funny you should mention.... I tracked down some work acquaintances of mine that have Benzes and asked them were they take their cars. All but one recommended a particular dealership here in south FL. I thought, oh great here we go again with another dealership - I don't want to deal with them again. But, they came recommended and no independent could solve the problem - so I took it in the other day. Wow - the customer service was fantastic. They took plenty of time and very courteous. What a shock for down here. Anyway, turns out my shaking is probably transmission related as well. I was going to wait to post anything until I had the lowdown, but I've been told it is transmission/driveshaft related. They are still troubleshooting. I have been having intermittent shifting problems, which I thought the new computer would help but didn't (can you say $600!). I just attributed this to a typical C280 quirky tranny. Struts/shocks, et. al. are fine. So I will post when I hear the results. Thank goodness I bought that extended warranty!
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