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In California... companies have a duty to investigate all claims. Your carrier makes a determination of your percentage of fault. Your carrier then has to inform you of the percentage and of the basis of their decision. You then have the option of appealing their decision.

In this case, IF the other carrier is saying that our form member is 100% at fault, then you can bet that the other party has either filed or will file a claim against our member's carrier. So both insurance companies ARE already involved.

Companies, at least in California, cannot arbitrarily raise your rates upon an arbitrary "at fault" decision.

For example, a few years ago I was hit by another driver. When I contacted his carrier (not wanting to "incoveneince" my own) the other carrier gave me the run around. After a couple of calls where I was getting nowhere, I called my company, filed a claim with my company, my company paid for my damages and then my company went after the other guy. I never paid a deductible and my premiums never went up.

So don't waste time with the other guy's insurance company. They will not do the right thing, contact your own carrier and let the two fight it out...

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