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My situation is a little different than yours. Like BenzMac said the majority of time the leak is from the pump seal. Mine was caused from the converter seal due to missing bolts in my torque converter, and thus causing the TC to wobble. However, I believe the procdure would be the same for you up to point where you would install the new pump seals.
I took BenzMac's advice and ordered a remanufacture MB torque converter (the dealership wanted $950 for a new one) the seals and bolts I purchased from MB. I did this because I wanted to ensure that I had the right quality parts so I wouldn't have to do it again. I probably would have used the parts shop but this was on weekend and I wanted to complete the job.
Costs Reman TC w/ 1 year waranty $225
New TC Bolts and Flex plate bolts $45
Transmission gasket & TC seal $40
Fluid $10
Flex Plate from MB $33.95
Misc tools $100 (needed an excuse to buy them anyway.)

Best of luck to you. And rember if you do it your self take pictures of use a mini tape recorder so you put it back the way it's supposed to go. And don't forget your torque settings. The manual uses Newton Meters Not Ft. Lbs
Peter Kalloday


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