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E320 (124) front sway bar fiasco!!!

Greetings all,
I am trying to get a sportline front sway bar for my 1995 wagon and having immense difficulty.
Firstly, dealers confirm that sportline bar 124 323 68 65 is meant only for 1992 or lower model year cars. It turns out that my wagon is also equipped with the same bar as a stock installation.
Second, no dealer is able to provide a sportline bar for a 1994 or later E320 sedan! So far, I have called three dealers and each says the same thing: Sportline #124 323 77 65 is meant for coupe only and no bar is listed for sedan with sports undercarriage.
Anyone know anything different here? I unfortunately do not have a VIN for a 94/95 sportline car, otherwise, I might try to get a dealer to search more specifically.
Please advise.
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