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I also have the 99 CLK and have replaced the small ovals with the Xenon white bulbs. Unfortunatly, the low voltage provided to keep the bulbs lit as marker lamps will not exite the Xenon gas to run white/blueish color until you hit the high beams. They work OK though, and have not set off any warning of fault lamps (even though they are rated at 100watts. If you want the white/blue look you may be out of luck on the small running lamps. Also, this should be an H7 bulb rated at 55watts. Good luck.
Originally posted by lextoy:
I have the 99 clk 430 with the xenon package, love it! except that the auxilliary(parking lights stay on when the headlights are on, and look VERY yellow, sittin next to the nice Xenons. it is a H6W bulb, thats what it says in the manual , a 6 Watt bulb, what the H is for i dont know, havent pulled them yet. I want to replace these with a set of blue looking PIAA, Solaris, or whatever will fit in this socket, any recommendations.
Also the fog lamps (H1) i can replace these at the same time, i want the Aux lights and the fogs to match, at least each other, i know they cant match the Xenons, but what is close, and blue lookin? Thanks alex

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