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There is a real simple way to test the coil, but it may produce shocking results. remove the coil wire from center connector of distributor cap, from here you can go in a couple of directions. First is the safe way. Get a high voltage test lamp, put in series with the HV conductor, ground the other end and crank the engine. If the coil is working, the neon lamp will flash. Mind you this is a qualitative test only. It will not tell you the actual output voltage. (need a 'scope for that). The other way is the old fashioned back yard mech method. Follow above steps, but substitute your hand for the test light. If you get a wicked jolt, the coil is OK. (Just kidding!!)The only time you should get a shock from the HV side of the ignition is by accident. Never mess with it as above. Some of the high performance coils can produce really major voltage. Just get it checked at a shop with a 'scope...

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