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Got this job taken care of a few weeks ago with the help of crashone (Thanks man!). Fired up the WIS program to check out the job and it wanted us to take apart the whole front suspension, engine, and the rear window wiper if I recall correctly.....

Here is the job in a much more shade tree friendly format:

1. Unbolt front axle nuts through the center of the hub using a 30mm socket OR jack up car and remove wheels, and have a friend hold the brakes tightly while you break them loose.

2. Once car is in the air and axle bolts and tires are off, proceed to remove the two bolts from the bottom of the sway bar at the lower control arm.

3. Next, unbolt the tie rod and smack it loose with a hammer and block of wood (as not to damage the bolt and threads) or use a puller if you are really fancy.

4. Unbolt the lower ball joint to spindle bolt and repeat above procedure.

5. Pull axle out of the back of the spindle and swing spindle out of the way (tie with wire or a bungee cord).

6. Unbolt the lower shock to control arm connection. Put a jack under the control arm to help give a little lift to the arm which will make driving the bolt out a bit easier. The shock/spring are not going to jump out at you, it is retained by the spring mount and is not under pressure when at its farthest travel.

7. Probably the hardest part of the job - pry the sway bar back and over the top of the control arm to allow a gap to open between the control arm and the shock. Hard to explain, but you will see once you get to this point why it is necessary.

8. Pry the axle out at the front differential while a friend supports/pulls the other end. It is retained by a snap ring and will just pop out.

9. Slip the thinnest part of the axle between the shock and the control arm and taa-daa! there you have one greasy, limp, and utterly useless halfshaft with which to play croquet, softball, or use for a paperweight. Below is a picture of the suspension at this point. Lower ball joint happened to be swung backwards, so trust me the connection is there, just not visible.

10. Spray a little white lithium grease on the ends of the new shaft to ease installation. Position shaft in differential, and while keeping slack out of the joints, pop it in gently with a rubber hammer.

The remainder is the reverse of the removal. Don't worry about getting the two axle sides confused, one is male and the other female at the differential. Also, I bought mine from a supplier in Connecticut for $95 a piece, and while the shafts themselves looked great, the new axle nut is too big to use. Get a new pair from Mercedes as well as some new lock nuts (4) for the tie rods and ball joint.

Whole job took us about 3 hours total for both sides with a break for lunch, so don't get frightened by the OEM procedure.

Good luck!!

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