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Neil, Thanks for your offer to let me use your name at Caliber Motors to get my parts. That's very generous of you. Unfortunately the parts are already on order. I'm not too concerned about the parts being any different from the ones sold by MB since I assume there is only one manufacturer for these unique parts. Still, I understand what you're saying about the warranty.

Regarding having the dealer do the work it's mostly a scheduling issue. The parts arrive on Monday, car goes into the shop on Tuesday, big family reunion starts on Wednesday. This is my first Mercedes and I haven't found an independent shop I like yet. Going to the dealer gives me the highest confindence that the car will be ready to go on Wednesday. Also, the other Mercedes shops I talked to all charged about the same labor rate.

Neil and Jeff, I found the thread on replacing the hydraulic fluid. It sounds easy. Do you think it would be all right if I did the fluid and filter change myself after the new accumulators and valve are installed or should I have it done at the same time? Or maybe I should do it before the car goes into the shop?

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