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Boyd. Have you looked into changing the whole injection system over to an American system from an
American 280 engine? Were the 76 Euro 280 Sl's double or single cam engines? If it is the single cam engine there should be an ample supply of salvage engines around.I was a touch leary about buying a Euro model, but since owening it some months now I have had no problems getting parts (Fast Lane) and salvage yards. I just completed rebuilding the front ends on both my 81 Sd and the 86 Euro 500 Se and all the front parts were the same however the rear suppension is different, another difference is that should I need to replace the engine an American 560 SEL engine won't bolt up to the Euro transmission.I belive in that case I would look for a salvage American 420 or 560 SEL with a good engine an tranny and put them both in my SE. One very nice thing I have found out about MB cars is that when they design a good part they often use it on many models.......
William Rogers.....
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