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Originally Posted by fullcircle View Post
Thank you for this thread and your work, Jeremy. I have intermittent center vents on my '87 and was certain I needed to pull the dash to replace a bad vacuum pod--a job I dread for some reason. At the very least you have given me some hope that the repair may be more easily accessible.
Another Band-Aid solution to the center vent pod failure is to swap the vac hoses at the manifold for the diverter & center vent lines. This routes the center vent signal to the diverter pod, which will allow air out the center vent. You lose the diverter function, but that is far less of a problem than having no cool air out the center vents! For this temporary solution to work, the diverter pod has to be good, and of course the 7-port solenoid must be working normally. I drove one of my cars like this for a couple years before finally pulling the dash and replacing all the pods.

Speaking of the 7-port solenoid / valve... anyone else experience the "rapid clicking" problem, usually when the car is cold (i.e., first few minutes after starting it in the morning)? Seems to clear up after warmup and not return until the next AM. Have had that on a couple cars... never investigated to see what was the culprit, but different p/b units didn't seem to change it.

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