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Originally posted by Daesun

Would a 285/35R18 fit on an 18x9.5ET35 in the rear without any spacers? In other words, did you need the 9mm spacer in back in order to clear the wheel, or was it just for the wider stance? Also, since the "proper" fitment is 275/35R18, isn't the overall diameter of your rear wheels slightly larger than that of your front? If so, did this cause any problems or mandate any adjustments to the speedometer/electronics?
My wheels have a 35mm offset and the wheelspacers were only needed to widen the stance, not to clear the wheels.

285/35R18 is only 0,44% higher than the 225/55R16 so it's actually a slightly better fit than the 275/35R18 which is 0,64% smaller than a 225/55R16. Factory speedos always exaggerate so by choosing a slightly bigger wheel it gets more accurate.

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