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Originally posted by Flavio

My wheels have a 35mm offset and the wheelspacers were only needed to widen the stance, not to clear the wheels.

285/35R18 is only 0,44% higher than the 225/55R16 so it's actually a slightly better fit than the 275/35R18 which is 0,64% smaller than a 225/55R16. Factory speedos always exaggerate so by choosing a slightly bigger wheel it gets more accurate.

Thanks, Flavio, that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Did you ever look into a 295 series tire, or would that be pushing the limits of a 9.5" wide wheel? Anyway, I think I'll definitely opt for the 285 in the rear. The more traction, the better. Out of curiosity, how close of a match is the 245/40R18 to factory spec?
1994 E500
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