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Question clear plastic car-bra

I am looking for this, but can only find the black and ugly looking stuff that you tie on to the car front to prevent stone chips, insect splatter and other paint damage. Where can I find this stuff which is actually clear so you can appreciate the colour of your whole car instead of the black stuff down the front which looks very confronting to most people. Obviously the material should not fuse on to the paint and damage it although its use is usually only for a short duration rather than permanent. We use it here in Aussie land for country or interstate runs where your car is exposed to 110kmh flying projectiles from the faster cars and big trucks in front. I have seen the USA clear plastic stick ons, but they are in many pieces, difficult to stick on accurately, may pull away your paint surface if its not the original and are too expensive. My car is the C180 euro Benz of 1994.
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