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Originally posted by Daesun

Haha, I don't even want to know how much Brabus would charge for a custom 11" rear wheel. Might have to go to Fikse or HRE for that. Well, bad news man. I just did some research, and the tires I want (Bridgestone S-03) aren't made in 285/35R18. However, I found some interesting information. 245/35R19 and 285/30R19 are EXACT matches (25.7 inches) for factory spec 225/55R16 and/or 245/45R17. Could this be sufficient justification to consider moving up to a 19" wheel? Perhaps...
If you still have the stock wheels I'd say go for the 19" wheels. When I bought my car it already had the 18" wheels and they were only a couple of months old so at that time I didn't want to spend a lot of money on 19" wheels. In my experience there is not too great a difference in ride comfort (or lack of) between 18" or 19" wheels. I suggest you look at some Carlsson wheels (, I had a set of 19" 1/6EVO's on one of my previous cars (a VW Passat) and I still think they are one of best looking wheels for a Mercedes. Not too flashy and they look huge!

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