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..the facts maam,just the facts...

375 in damage?how bad can that be?i know principle&pride come into play here(although i'm not sure in what order).i think we all agree it's his fault but something tells me: parking lot-red flag.i'd go with benz320 on this.stern letter,no lawyers and if you had to,small claims.i'd make sure you reported to police,got a report #and go to your insurance LAST.sure you can file with your insurance,get it fixed and have them chase his carrier-until which it would go as a claim by you on YOUR record.if they raise your rates(don't worry they will-they just won't say it's because of your claim)you can fight them after they have settled with his insurance.god,for 375 i'd do everything i could to settle it thing that could go a long way in your favour is a witness.then your would have the proverbial hammer.good luck!
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