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C280 owners please give opinions

Well, my hunt for a nice used MB had lead me to many 300E and some diesel models. Unfortunately, for one reason or another it has not worked because something has alweays been wrong in a major way with them. Even one I had checked out that had only 58k on it.

So, my wife has suggested I look a bit newer. I am interested in the C280 as it is the one I can best afford and I would prefer to stay away from the 4 cyl models. So, in general is there anything in particular I should be look as a trouble area on the 280?

Any reason the 2.8 in it would not last like the 2.6 or 3.0 engines in the 300E models?

I'm looking now at a 95 model with 85k on it.

I'd appreciate any info you would care to share with me as I have not focused on this model at all. Fell free to e-mail me directly at

Thank you,

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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