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Considering C140 97-newer

Hey guys. Unfortunately last week a huge puddle decided to pick a fight with my C124 and threw it into a concrete barrier so my babys dead and I have to consider a new car.

Depending how much I get back, hopefully I'll have a budget of $10-$12k for another car and I'm considering an S500/CL500 coupe. Don't wanna deal with a V12 though that would be awesome. Just not now.

So I had a W124 Coupe that was nothing short of spectacular. I had no issues with the problem spots associated with the C124 (which makes me even more upset cuz I had such a pristine conditioned coupe). So I would average anywhere between $500-$1500 a year in maintaining my coupe. I'm very meticulous about my cars.

I also try to do as much work as possible by myself to avoid $100/hr labor costs. I can pretty much do anything short of major component removal (engine, dash, tranny) and things requiring major tools (I'd be a little uncomfortable doing the timing chain guides on an M119 but those aren't an issue until you break 150k miles ish from what I gathered). Can I get by owning a C140 if I was able to keep my W124 in pretty good nick?

I'm looking at 97-99 C140s and there are a few around me that are in that year range with 70-80k miles on them for as cheap as $9k to as much as $13k.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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