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Originally posted by Flavio

If you still have the stock wheels I'd say go for the 19" wheels. When I bought my car it already had the 18" wheels and they were only a couple of months old so at that time I didn't want to spend a lot of money on 19" wheels. In my experience there is not too great a difference in ride comfort (or lack of) between 18" or 19" wheels. I suggest you look at some Carlsson wheels (, I had a set of 19" 1/6EVO's on one of my previous cars (a VW Passat) and I still think they are one of best looking wheels for a Mercedes. Not too flashy and they look huge!

Yes, sadly enough, I still have 16" wheels on there. But I may be purchasing wheels very soon, so I'm trying to finalize some decisions. I had 18" Carlsson 2/5 Brilliant Edition on my CLK, and I absolutely loved them. The 1/6 EVO is sweet (as is the 2/6 Brilliant), but I was looking for more of an open spoke wheel, which is why I'm strongly considering the Brabus Monoblock VI. I'm not worried about ride comfort so much as performance. I believe there is a measurable handling advantage between 17" and 18", but not so much between 18" and 19". I'm afraid the only added "feature" will be unsprung weight and a greater rotational moment of inertia. Both Carlsson and Brabus wheels are notoriously heavy. On the other hand, I often wondered whether I should've bitten the bullet and gone with 19" on the CLK (in retrospect, no, since I no longer have the car). Oh, and do you think 245/35R19 and 285/30R19 will fit without modifications? My car is not lowered.
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