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im 19, i have had a spring blow up right infront of me. It was on the strut type honda accord strut/spring deal. I have the correct spring compressors for that. They spun around and exploded infront of me because they spun around. You have to be so careful with springs. I am looking for a mercedes spring compressor because I am going to lower like four cars here pretty soon. I think it is worth the safety, but 1400 for a kid, is kind of a lot. I think that I would pay 4-5 and charge my friends to use it to recover the tool costs. If anyone wants to sell their authentic mercedes compressor let me know.

You have no idea how strong those mercedes coils are. Think about it, the car weights at least 4000 lbs, that means each spring has to hold up 1000 lbs unsprung, so those springs can probably handle shocks of 2000 lbs or more, so I wouldnt mess with them. Be careful with springs and shocks, they are dangerous. They are under a lot of pressure caused by their loads. I have had a shock crush my hand in a friends honda...It really hurts. If mercedes recommends a special tool and you dont have the money for it, maybe yo ushould take it to a place that specializes in mercedes that can fix it or make them yourself. I have made like ten mercedes tools already because I have access to a machine shop, and a car lift, but those of you that careful.

If that spring is still around, I would cement the spring and the tool. Then throw it away.
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