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Looks like good fellow already posted for me.

It happened that I had a new Craftsmen tool catalog in yesterdays mail. I looked at the meters and they don't have the lower priced ones any more. Too bad, it's a great meter. I have several more expensive DMM's that I leave on the shelf most of the time now that I came up with that one. It's small and convenient with full functionality.

I would suggest you take Good Fellows part number and call the local Sears stores to see if they have any left in stock. It is an amazing instrument for the money.

When I was in college (Electrical Engineering) I was working in an electronic component burn in house at night. This was '73 '74 time frame. We had some 3 1/2 digit Fluke DVM's that cost well over $1,000 in seventies dollars. This little $27 meter will do anything they would do plus a lot more. That comment is without checking tolerances, but for most purposes the tolerance of most any DMM is just fine.

Good luck,
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