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You guys are right

As I mentioned earlier on, as a Mercedes novice I did not approach this project with the right frame of mind. Being 35 years old (Monday was my birthday, which I almost missed when I took the spring out without a compressor) and having worked on many cars and other mechanical things (raced motocross for 6 years) I have never run into something as directly potentially deadly as a Mercedes coil spring.

These things should come with warning labels.

Bottom line, I would never fudge a project like this again!! As stated time and again in this thread, this is no place to fudge on tools.

I take back everything I said about using the free rental tool.

Not too proud to walk away with my tail between my legs. I got lucky.

Would definately get my hands on the correct tool next time.

It's Friday, just got to get through today and then two blissfull days as a gararge trole. And tomorrow is car auction day, like being a kid in a candy store.

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