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400E/500E Custom Exhaust

Well, all you W124/M119 owners, who is seriously interested in a custom manifold-back high flow exhaust system with quick-change catalytic converters? One of my fellow owners has a line on a fabricator that will do a system righteously-all mandrel bends, in either aluminized steel or Stainless. Would allow for the quick removal of the catalysts, their being replaced with straight pipes when not on your way to or from emissions testing (*For Offroad Use Only-there, I said it).

Expected cost for a SS system is less than $2k, likely closer to $1,500. Aluminized steel would be half that amount, approximately. Based upon the number of interested parties, the price will clearly come down as the fabricator would construct a jig.

PLEASE only respond if you have one of these cars, and are seriously interested in doing this. I know we all want one, but unless you're in a position to/need to buy one of these setups, I'd appreciate if you'd treat this as a read-only. I'd sorta like to avoid having started another 20+ page thread
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