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94 94 C280 with intermittent air distribution problem

Hi. I have a 94 280 with an intermittent air distribution problem. I've read posts with similar problems but could not find anything close to what I'm experiencing. to summarize the issue is as follows:

- air flow cuts out the center vents and is redirected to the defrost and side vents
- the issue can start when the car is first started or after the car has been running for a short time
- the air will cut on and off the center vents thought-out the day without any set pattern
- at times accelerating will cause the air to be redirected
- decelerating does not redirect air back to the center vents
- the air is cold and strong and the windshield gets a nice frost when the air get redirected
- when the air get cut from the center vents and directed to defrost, the air direction keys don't work
- once the system directs air back to the center vents, the air direction keys work
- there is no pattern, that I can see, as to how long air is directed through the center vents, it varies from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and then cuts off. Will stay off for longer periods before getting directed back to the center vents
- tried playing with the cabin temperature but the system still redirects air away from the center vents
- not sure if it's related, a pump in the rear / trunk of the car runs for a while once the car is stated then stops. Then after a while, the pump starts up again runs for a while and then stops, the cycle goes on as long as the car is running
- not sure if it's related, had a water leak in the cabin, front passenger side. tree stuff clogged some drain hole and water leaked in though some filter, which was replace and correct the leak. However, under the rug is a device that has a knob on it, not sure if it's connected with the air flow system or if it was compromised when the rug got wet.

I think that's it. Any suggestions or hints to getting this issue resolve is greatly appreciated. BTW, this is a great site, very informative.

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