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Randall Grubbs
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Has anybody discussed or thought about doing headers and exhaust? For our 928's we have a complete system that adds around 40RWHP to the 4 valve models. I have seen the cars dynoed so I know its real. The headers are beautiful equal length jobbies with various tube sizes based upon displacement. The exhausts are single 3.5" and can be configured with or without high-flow cats and either 0, 1 or 2 high-flow mufflers. On a GTS just like mine with 2 cats and 2 exhausts the car put down 334RWHP with no other mods. Stock they're around 290-300. I know our engine bays are tight, but so is the 928. The cost installed is $3K and I know these guys are making some bucks. Headers are jet-hot coated and exhause is steel and they paint them with high temp paint.

I'm just wondering what exhaust alone will get us without headers.


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