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Is it Time?

So is it time to chalk this vehicle up to a LEMON and research options for the consumer? I read a post by "Tank" where he wound up replacing just about everyong on his vehicle. However, I did not purchase my first MB to restore it. My main concern is that the stalling problem continues no matter what part is replaced? Since I am not a mechanic, I cannot determine if the vehicle is still not running safely because of misdiagnosis or a major fault. I do not wish to insult any mechanics on the site, but if the procedure- like in medicine- is trial and error- shouldn't there be some kind of discount if the treatment doesn't work-

I purchased this vehicle about 3 months ago and have been able to drive it perhaps 8 times (mostly trips to repair shop) the remaining time it has been garaged - a part gets replaced my confidence is restored and then in a day or two it starts stalling again. Now after a few rather scary stalls I do not have the confidence to drive the vehicle.

Like most others here, I really do wish to keep this car- and I don't think I would be quite as upset about spending all this money to get it running, but the point is no matter what high priced part is replaced ior what costs I incur to get it to dealer, including lost work time- the repairs do not hold. Unlike many others who can fix or monitor the mechanics of the MB's, I am not a mechanic- I purchased the MB for the quality reputation.

So any ideas- as a used vehicle do I have any options to save the vehicle without continued repair costs? Thanks for any input.
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