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What a WASTE of time - Just need to vent

I just need to vent. I drove to see the C280 on my lunch hour. I drove up and in the 4 minutes I looked at it, here's waht I found: Driver's headrest didn't work, lifted it by hand and it came out; passenger side door lock came off in my hand as did the knob to adjust the outside mirrors; pass rear wheel had a chunk missing out of it; 3 of the 4 tires didn't match.

Time to start it up. Turned key on NO LIGHTS lit up on the dash. NOT ONE! Popped the hood and there was the expansion tank encrusted in mineral deposit!

All this abuse to this poor MB in only 7 years and 81,000 miles! A shame pure and simple. I asked the guy not to waste my time. I asked if all the little things were functional. I have had so much time wasted. If you ask questions and people lie to you, do they really think that once you get there, see they lied, that you are going to buy the car?

Ahhhh! I tell you, it's really almost enough to convince me that my wife is right and I should call it a day and just get an Accord. I could find one in one day. I have now looked at 7 cars and 4 of them were so bad I knew they lied by just driving up to the car.
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