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Fanclutch removal on '93 300E (2.8)

I have done this on my previous '86 300E, fairly simple, however on the '93 I can't seem to find the hole on the back of the pulley to put the special tool into to counterhold. I have looked with a flashlight, tried to feel it as well not much success. I removed the airfilter housing to have better access and I am using a tool that I made copying the MB original.
I need to change the fanbelt soon, it is in rough shape.
Any help is appreciated, thanks


By the way I have the CD set for the 124 model and the electrical troubleshoting manual is missing the wiring diagrams from model year '93 and up. Is it just mine (not original, copied version) or others have the same problem. Also, I found that the paperback (I have the complete set for the 124 but only up to '92) is more detailed and useful then the CDs (especially the 103 and 104 engine manual).
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