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Recently inherited 1985 380 SE (131k miles)that had alternator rebuilt because wires were crossed when new battery was installed. Vehicle running rough (would not go over 5mph or 1000RPM, until 10amp fuse replaced in top of relay located in fuse box.
Have no manuals, yet, would like to know the following:
1) I am assuming the relay with the 10amp plug in fuse on top is the over voltage protection relay. If it is the over voltage protection relay, should I replace it, given the wires were crossed? I was told sparks were flying at the time wires were crossed.

2)Should I disconnect the battery for 15 minutes to reset the computer? I noticed the Service Anti Lock light was on prior to me replacing the fuse, then went off. Don't know if there would be other codes triggered in computer that would affect cars operation or performance.

3)Is there a recommended list of spare parts I should keep on hand? (I'm about 50 miles from nearest dealer)

5)Is there any documentation available that lists what and where all the relays, fuses, fusable links are on the vehicle?

6)Is it right that in cold weather the key has to be turned several times for the Starter to warm up before it will turn the engine over?

Thanks, btw I wouldn't have thought of looking at the fuses if it wasn't for finding your site. You saved me a 50 mile tow.

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