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...oh,you lucky do realize that,right?...

i think the first thing all of us think about when we read your plight is that we'd love to be in your shoes--i know i would!i remember when i decided to get mine.i knew i'd get one someday but when GOD spoke to me my quest started in earnest.i was prepared to look for a minimum 6 mos!well,the worst thing that could happen happened--i found my dream car inside of a month.darn!!do i let this car go knowing i may not find another example like it and keep looking and enjoying all these fine examples of engineering or do i grab it and stop looking(in truth i don't think ANY of us ever stop looking!).well,i took it and i'm glad i did but i wish iwas in your shoes as well.enjoy the ride but be prepared to really will be worth it.good luck
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