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Well, if I am going to be suffering, I'm glad it's not alone. Nothing worth having is not worth some trials for. Unfortunately, I'm a bit under the gun. I really need to find something soom or I'll be looking in a completely different and not at all happy direction - Nissan or Honda. When I searched for my 944 it took me on and off for 2 years. But, I was being far more particular about that than the MB. I'm open to gas or diesel, 2-4 door, and many years. But, I'm also a stickler for records. So far, I've found only one with records. I did see one that said he had all the records of dealer maintenance. Believe it or not, his idea of "dealer maintained" was getting the oil changes done at the MB dealership! Honest to God! That's ALL he had records for.
Ron Brooks
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