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Since I have had the car codes reset, I was driving it all last night and noticed that the revs are now set at 550 at idle and not 600-700 as before, and now there is no shaking. I don't know if it will come back in future but at the moment everything seems to be fine.

Where is that O2 sensor and how many are there in the car?

Could just resetting the codes fix my problem? I didn't think so but the judging from the rev counter, something was done and works at the moment?

Also what does this mean:

ETC - 135 - CAN communication with the engine system is spoardically disturbed.

And |ŻŻ ŻŻ| + , |ŻŻ ŻŻ| - & -//-

Does everything else seem normal bar the accident stuff?

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