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I related my story of buying two M-B's on e-bay several months ago. After owning both for several months, I can honestly say that neither buyer concealed any major problems. HOWEVER, as we all know, "the devil is in the details", and trying to get the cars into the kind of shape I need them to be in has been a journey itself. Between this forum, cheap parts on e-bay, and mostly doing my own work, they're getting there. And no matter how frustrated I get, sometimes, I always try to remember what the cars started out to be, and how they were engineered and built with little compromise.

I know I'll probably never get out all of the money I've put in these cars, but the enjoyment I've gotten in "bringing them back", coupled with their wonderful road manners, has been worth it.

(By the way, as so many of my friends have reminded me, I'm not married, and probably couldn't spend all this money and time if I were!).
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