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The first 2 emblems on the print out mean short to power (+) and short to ground (-), and the third one -//- is an open ground circuit.
The code you mentioned about the CAN sporadically disturbed means the ETC is reporting that once in a while it can't communicate witht the engine control module over what is called the CAN, which is like a communication "bus" line, stands for "Controlled Area Network". Codes like this aren't always a problem, they can be set for a few meaningless reasons, such as maybe you start the car and one of the control modules is a little faster to "wake up" than the others, in your case the ETC may be a little faster to wake up, or the engine controller is a little slower. It'll log a code somewhere, but the system basically "shrugs it off" and keeps working. No big deal.

I am unsure if any of these codes you had, if cleared out, will restore normal operation. Too much involved. "Maybe".

There are 4 O2 sensors in a US car, sounds like you use the same operating system as we do (ME2-SFI), so I assume you are the same. They are located in the exhaust pipes near the front, one on each side ahead of the catalytic converter and one on each side behind the catalytic converter. The front ones are critical for the engine control module to set the mixture, it'll set various types of O2 sensor codes, the control module can sense when the O2 sensors have a problem. The rear O2 sensors aren't really as critical, primarily they are used to compare what's going into the catalytic converter to what's coming out to sense if the catalytic converters are working properly, called "cat efficiency". Who needs a pair of lazy cats hanging around under your car? Could get ugly.

Yes, in general the codes you had don't seem that unusual, that one for the reversing lamp, not sure what that one's all about, but doesn't concern me, seems you would get an exterior lamp warning if it didn't work, might want to make sure they are working (the reverse lamps).

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