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500e Q&a

Donnie & others,

I have several questions to pose:

I am still on schedule to be in Atlanta the week of 8/19/02 and will be dropping the car off with you early monday morning if that is still O'K with you in my search to eliminate the "racka racka's"

In our discussions, you asked if I was certain that the variable valve timing was operating properly. I really have no way of knowing. The car runs great.

I have an AP-22 performance meter from which I have graphed several performance runs. I am curious if my results are typical and reveal anything positive or negative. I realize that a lot of things (including settings in the machine) can affect/distort actual results. I am netting some 220HP to the rear wheels (seems low especially in light of the 5.8 sec zero to 60 ET's. that I have recorded on those runs.) The software enables me to produce charts of the "HP vs. Speed, time,or distance". With a small amount of free time, I believe I can play with the data knowing "speed relative to RPM" and develop HP vs. RPM charts as well. I wonder if the curves reveal anything.

(1) Does anyone else have relative curves or data from which I can compare or share my results. My car is stock... (except K&N's).

(2) How much performance increase does the variable valve timing system actaully add? I have recently had people tell me that in large part it affects emmisions but that it does add some but rarely noticeable seat of the pants HP. Rumor has it that disabling the variable valve timing has little noticeable results. Not that I would ever disable mine, but you asked if I was certain if mine was working & I really have know way of knowing. I will attempt to attach the HP vs. Speed graphs. Does the Data reveal any answer to your question.

(3) I have ordered new tires but as I wanted to stay with stock 16" wheels, I went with 245/50/16's. While I want to keep the 225's on for now for test comparison sake in our adventures, will the new wider tires, improve actual performance by keeping the ASR at bay? or will the performance gains be likely offset by the added weight of the wider tire? My guess is the difference is likely insignificant in light of all the other different factors, weather conditions, road surface, etc. etc. etc. i.e. "the big picture?"

(4) We have also recent replaced the power steering hoses due to leaks. However, the one attaching to the pump will not seal properly at the connection and now leaks at the fitting (previously the leaks were in the hoses themselves only). Is there a trick to this connection? Are we missing something?

(5) My check engine light comes on. Diagnostics reveal the following:
(a) upshift delay switch/crossover valve open or short circuit.
"bowden cable is the suspect, so we temporarily plugged the vacum line to the bowden cable to see if that solved the problem (i.e. confirmed the bowden cable was the culprit). The light came back on within a day with the same fault code.

(b) crankshaft position sensor "open or short circuit" occasionally shows up as a fault. If this were truly a problem, would it not affect the cars performance?

Resetting will last for days to weeks befroe the light come on again. No performance impact has been noted. Car is driven every day.

Thanks for the imput,

See you 8/19/02.

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