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190e STalls when put in gear

I have gleened much help from this group and enjoy reading the postings regularly, especially the one about the OVP and why the car might run ok with a bad OVP and not run well with a good one. Thanks Stvebfl! That actually helped me a great deal! My 190e has not run in over 2 months, but this morning I made some adjustments and sealed a couple vacuum leaks and it runs. The car idels smooth and consistant at 800-900 in park. I am very happy with this, considering where I was a few months. my issue now is that when I put the car in drive or reverse, it stalls. This is everytime, unless I have the motor revving at 2000 or so, then it chirps the tires and goes. Given the following data, can anyone help me solve this problem? I have a completely rebuild head (new valves, cam, rockers, seals, guides). I have 152-155-153-152 compression. Timing is dead on and advance is working. New Bosch platinum plugs (I know.. get rid of em). New fuel filter and seemingly fine fuel pressure at the fuel distribution block. I also replaced all the fuel injector seals. Would an old cap and rotor cause this problem?

Somebody please help, it is a shame to see my car just sitting - especially when I am this close to having it perfect (I have a lot of other parts that are new also). Thanks guys!
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