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I have read that post and it is a possibility. I do have a ticking noise but it is comming from my water pump. I would like to check these Oil Tubes but I dont realy want to open the motor up just to look at them, then I would have to replace gasgets and such.

Funny thing is later that day i started the car and the oil pressure was at 2 at idle in P and D. That made me much happier. I dont know what happend the firsts time, when I drive the car today I am going to watch it and see what it does.

I found the specs on the 124 CD and I am with in the sepecs so I am happy about that too.

Here is what it says:
600-700 rpm = .3-1.5 bar
1000 rpm = .7-3 bar
2000 rpm = 1.6- 5 bar
2500 rpm = 2-5.5 bar
3000 rpm = 2.5-5.5 bar
4000 rpm = 2.7-5.5 bar
5000 rpm = 2.8-5.5 bar

If the oil pressure does not meet the min then a warning lite is to come on, I have not seen this lite so I feel good.

Thanks guys
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