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If you determine that a combination which would be helped by a 1979 300td (NON turbo) rear end would be useful I will sell you the one out from under my parts car... and if you need a beautiful dark blue almost perfect interior I don't need that either...

I used to own a 1981 turbo wagon... once the turbo kicked in it would really fly...but going from 20 to 40 was pretty slow...

In comparing the two and all the axle ratios available... keep in mind that the difference between the 3.46 and the 3.07 is only about one seventh ... whereas the difference between turbo and not is between 88 ?hp and 120... a factor of nearly one half....

The 3.46 rear end with the turbo might be just the combo you are needing for the carrying/altitude combo you have described....

I am a little surprised that Ben did not try to sell you on putting a manual into the wagon... a turbo/3.46rear/5speed manual would be about the perfect machine.... Greg
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