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Problem solved?

Problem solved? Ok guys I have a question. They think they've found my shaking problem - improperly installed lower control arm bushing (1). A couple months ago I had the lower control arm bushings replaced due to shaking, steering, and ride problems. 90% of the problem went away with the new ones, but there was still a slight shake. After another mechanic looked at the car, he noticed that one of the bushings was installed 90 degrees off where it should be. Now, my NEW mechanic says yes, it is installed wrong and is probably the cuplrit. It hasn't cracked, but he says it's not bearing the loads like it should. He said you can't install them exactly centered most of the time, but they have to be within 10 degrees of spec or so, or else they are useless. My tranny, driveshaft and everything else about the suspension checks out. What do you guys think? Also this: my other C280 had to have new control arm bushings replaced at about 45k. This new mechanic says despite popular belief, this is one item on this car that goes out a lot earlier than planned. The same former mechanic that installed mine 90 degrees off, installed them BACKWARDS on my other C280 - it is now in the shop getting new ones installed. After only 4000k miles I have to put new tires on my other C280 - one side of each front tire is bare - I bought new tires for it 4 months ago. Great.

What do you think? Could this be the culprit?
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